Resources for mothers-to-be

The following are information that might be useful to parents-to-be. This list is not exhaustive. Please email me if you have other information you would like me to add on.

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Antenatal classes

Tip: You should try to attend antenatal classes only when you are about 6 or 7 month pregnant. If you go too early, you might forget what you have learnt during labour. Please also note that it is not necessary for you to attend antenatal classes in hospital that you will be delivering.

  • Eileen Antenatal Care Centre
    Tel: 6352 9388. Located at IRAS building heard that it conducts very good antenatal classes.
  • Thomson Medical centre
    Tel: 62514090
  • Mt Elizabeth Hospital
  • National University Hospital Tel: 67795555
  • Mount Alvernia Tel: 62534818
  • Eastshore Hospital 6340 8681
  • Singapore General Hospital 6321 4530
  • Birth & Beyond
    Tel: 6736 1636/7. Tanglin Shopping Centre 4th Level. They conduct 2 formats for the Prepared Childbirth Class, in an attempt to meet the needs of all expectant parents. It focuses mainly on the labour process, giving plenty of time for practice of techniques taught and open discussion between classes members and the teachers.
  • The Mother & Child Centre Tel: 6-836 0063 Tanglin Mall 3rd Level
    They run a very useful 4 week course for new mothers with babies under 12 weeks old, every Friday morning. They also hold well baby clinics run by trained health visitors and midwives.
  • ParentlinkTel: 6-469 9161 Fax: 463 5761 HP: 9651 2075 Email:
    ParentLink supports parents in Singapore through the stages of pregnancy, birth and parenthood. They run antenatal classes and have doulas that assist you in planning for your birth and provide labour support.

· Traditional post-natal massage ( please consult your doctor prior to engaging in traditional massages)

  • Mums and Babes Tel: 62527898 and 68359919. Located at Plaza Singapura and United Square. $400 for a 7 day package.
  • Birth and Beyond
  • Body-mind Workshop Tel: 67342852
  • The Shiatsu School 280 River Valley Road Tel: 68361231 Provides postnatal Japanese Therapy
  • aisah tel : 63872263
  • Mdm Noor, 9002 9608 (Hp) or 9572 7905 (Pg) Email to
  • Rustic Nirvana's contact - 6227 9193
    nisah @ 67897448. Charges ard $400 for 10 sessions
  • Aisah 63872263$50 each section and she come to place for 10 days
  • Kak Su
    With binding $50/session
  • Siti
    6442 8525/90224904
  • Asnan
    $35 @ Woodlands area $37 outside Woodlands area
  • Rohaya
    9450 6374
    $60 per session
  • Sharifah Tel : 9108 5439
  • Mdm Zaiton
    9701 8240
  • Mdm Zu:
    97470607 ($270 for 7 sessions)

Confinement Food

Confinement Help

  • i-Care Confinement Services (Tel : 64815533) - They have both Malaysian & Singaporean confinement nannies.
  • Pem Confinement Nanny Agency - Tel : +65 6293 9249 Email : URL :
    Deals only with Malaysian confinement nannies. Unlike other agencies, this one ONLY deals with confinement nannies.
  • GPLS Confinement Care Agency Tel 98006201 / 96501005 URL : Check out Deposit Money Back Guarantee Plan to ensure high service standard, and special promotion of $68 off our confinement nanny packages for OCBC Baby Bonus Customer. Call to find out special deals as BayB Supplies member
  • Maidlibrary and Netmaid collects biodata from many maid agencies in Singapore with updates across the week. Agency information is available only to registered users. Confinement nanny, part-time maids are also available.

Baby Message

  • Birth and Beyond
  • Body-mind Workshop Orchard Plaza Tel: 67342852
  • The Mother & Child Centre Tel: 6-836 0063 Tanglin Mall 3rd Level

Breastfeeding Help

  • Breastfeeding Mother Support Group (BMSG).Tel: 63393558 provide free counselling service. A voluntary, non-profit organisation, run by mothers who have breastfed our own children, and want to share the benefits and rewards of natural feeding with other mothers. They also sell and rent pumps to members and non-members.
  • Eastshore Hospital 6340 8681 Will do postnatal Home Care visit for any mother, at $41.20 per visit + transport charge of $20 (if location is 20 km or more from the hospital).
  • KK hospital Lactation Service 6394 8232
    (by appointment) Open to any mother. Non KK mothers - abt $60 dep. on problem. KK mothers - $17.40.
  • Mt Alvernia Parentcraft Dept 6359 7926
    (by appointment) Open to any mother. $25.75 per consultation.
  • Mt Elizabeth Lactation Clinics 6731 2176/7
    6731 2180/1/2/3
    (by appointment) Open to any mother. Charges : $30 a session (before GST). Pumps are available for renting.
  • Singapore General Hospital 6321 4530
    only SGH mothers needing follow-up breastfeeding help.
  • Thomson Medical Centre 6256 9494
    onlyTMC mothers needing follow-up breastfeeding help.
  • Doris Fok Lactation Consultancy 6259 2139
    (by appointment) First lactation consultant in Singapore. IBLCE (International Board of Lactation Consulatant Examiners) Director, Asian Representative IBCLC coordinator in Singapore, BFHI assessor and educator, independent and regional consultant on breastfeeding.
  • Eileen Antenatal Care Centre Pg. 9510 8821
    6352 9388 Private Lactation Consultant. Also runs antenatal classes including breastfeeding info
  • Joyful Parenting 6488 0286 Run by Family Life Society. Provides hotline services.Serves any mother in need.

Maternity and nursing stores



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Aldephi Ochard #01-09 Tel: 67380037.
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  • Mums & Babes --Plaza Singapura #04-17
  • 9mois -- Plaza Singapura #04-15
  • MaMa Chic Maternity Shoppe -- Specialists center #02-44
  • Maternalove --
  • Mod Mums -- Shaw center #04-20
  • Mothercare -- causeway point, centrepoint, marina square, parkway parade, sunect city mall, KKH
  • Mothers Work -- Forum shopping mall #01-17, Greatworldcity #01-29A
  • Motherworld -- century square #02-39, Jurong point #02-52, Great World city #03-02
  • Thyme maternity --UOB center #03-11, Suntec city mall #02-09, Taka 3rd floor
  • The Maternity House -- Paragon #03-06
  • Blisse --Paragon

Contributed by Florence Tan, mother of Isabelle, Chloe & Jordan
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