Baby Showcase - May to July 2008
This is a photo gallery where you can exhibit the photos of your babies. Just email us your child's name, age & sex, . Please include your name, contact number, email address & mailing address to qualify for the free gift "Babies Are Smarter Than You Think" guidebook. This is only open to babies below 2 years of age.

Please ensure that the photos are in jpeg format and less than 500KB in filesize. Your child's photo will be featured according to the month of your email posting, ie. if you have sent in your email together with your baby's photo some time in Mar/Apr 2008, it will be posted in the Baby Showcase - Mar/Apr 2008.

Krrish Prashant Upase

Loh Shun Yang

Muhammad Riz Eizuan Bin Roslan

Parthiv Jegadeesan

Teng Rui Jie

Teo Yu Yao

Alyson Ng

Amanda Ng

Chantal Ang Xing Ling

Kelly Liew

Melissa Tay and Felicia Tay

Suhaani Singh

Rachel Tan

Natalie Ngui Yi Juan