Amby Baby Motion Bed.
Endorsed by Dr William Sears.
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Shopping list for babies and moms

Every baby is different, every family is different.

This basic list applies in most situations but of course what you really need will depend on you, your baby and your family. As my baby is breastfed, my list is skewed more to the needs of a breastfed baby. During my confinement period it was a no hassle one( thank God for giving me understanding mother and mother-in-law); I ate whatever I wanted ( I avoided ginger and Chinese medicine due to breastfeeding) and I bathed when I wanted to, so my list will not contain things like herbs or the traditional confinement nanny dishes.

As this list is not perfect, I welcome any suggestions to add on and improve on my list

Feeding the baby (Breastfeeding)
Breast pump
You will need this if you intend to breastfeed for long. They are manual pumps as well as electric pump. Medela Pump-in-style though expensive is a fantastic pump. A favorite companion for working moms. Click here for guide to choosing the right pump.If you are still not sure which pump is useful, you can actually rent one from the Breastfeeding mother club in Singapore (BMSG). Robinson also sells the Medela pumps at very attractive discounts if you are an Robinson card holder, wait for the 15% discounts with 5% rebate before buying.
Nursing Tops
Not a must but definitely make breastfeeding in the public easier.
Nursing Bibs

Offers you privacy while breastfeed even in public.

Available soon in our online store..

Nursing bras

The trick to buying nursing bras is not to buy too early and too many at one go. The reason: breast size fluctuates. Cup size is the largest during the early days of breastfeeding and will shrink after a few months of breastfeeding.

It is important not to wear under wired bra during pregnancy and while you are breastfeeding. Wearing under wired bras during pregnancy will affect the development of milk glands resulting in clogged ducts during breastfeeding. 100% Cotton is best as it allows air to circulate and prevents yeast infection.

There are many types of nursing bras: drop-cup, front snapped. Personally I prefer the drop-cup typed especially the one hand operational type.

See Links on how to choose a good nursing bra.

Nursing pads

An important item when breastfeeding; breast pads help prevent embarrassment and staining from leaking breasts.

Disposable pads are more convenient compared to washable ones. Washable pads tend to be less expensive in the long run than disposable, but you'll need to keep up with the washing of them so that you always have a clean, dry pad available.

Wearing wet pads for any length of time is not recommended as this makes nipple conditions such as yeast more common.

When washing reusable pads, be sure to avoid liquid fabric softener as it can impede the pad's absorbency. Fabric softeners sheets, however, can be used in the dryer to soften the pads without any problem.

Pigeon and Gerber brands of disposable pads are quite good. (see links on more information on "how to choose good breastpads")

See our Survival products for Pigeon disposable breast pads.

Nursing pillows

They are quite a number of breastfeeding pillows in the market like Boppy and My Breastfriend.

A nursing pillow actually allows mommies to breastfeed comfortably by supporting the weight of the baby. My Breastfriend nursing pillow provides good back support whereas the Boppy pillow has multiple uses like supporting the back of the baby when he learns to sit, propping the baby when he is having nose congestion and it can even be use for mommies to sit on to relieve post-partum pain.

See our Survival products for Boppy pillows.

Nipple cream

To sooth sore and cracked nipples during the early days of nursing. Lanolin typed of cream is most common. This is available from Medela (available at Robinson’s) or BMSG . Although it is stated that it need not be removed before feeding, some reports actually say lanolin might be harmful. So in my opinion, the best natural remedy is to express some of your breast milk especially hind milk, rub it on the nipple and air dry your breasts.

(see breastfeeding links on moist healing)

Feeding the Baby (Bottle feeding)
To sterilize the bottles. I use the pigeon rapid steam sterilizer, which allows 6 bottles to be sterilized at one go. This sterilizer also keeps the bottles sterilized for 6 hours if you don’t open the lid.

I prefer glass bottles to plastics, which produces a weird plastic smell especially after sterilization by boiling. A report published by the World Wildlife Fund highlighted the dangers of some plastic feeding bottles. (see link)

The only glass bottle that I found in the market now is Pigeon and Chicco brand. Many mommies complained to me about the difficulty of getting glass bottle. So I decided to sell it on my online store.See our online store for Pigeon glass bottle.

You can use NUK teats on Pigeon and Chicco milk bottles and vice versa. Avent bottles do not fit teats from other brands.

Formula container
To bring formula out.
Bottle scrub brush
Comes in different shapes and materials. I like sponge to brush cleaner as it cleans better. I found Aprica sponge brush durable.
Bottle detergent
For washing bottle. Pigeon detergent is affordable and good.

NUK Orthodontics teats are better for teeth development. Choose the appropriate size for your baby. Buy two initially as you need to change the teats when your baby grows. You can use NUK teats on Pigeon and Chicco milk bottles and vice versa. Avent bottles do not fit teats from different brand.

Please note: Most teats must be discarded after two months of use. Check the usage instructions for your brand of teats.

To remove bottles from hot water. I boil my bottles and teats followed by sterilization in the steamer.
The Amby Baby Motion Bed

This award winning bed has been endorsed by world renowned pediatrician Dr William Sears as the “perfect answer for the restless sleeper”. Babies dislike static bed as it is unlike the womb environment they were used during pregnancy. This bed is not like the traditional sarong hammock; it was specially designed with safety features and you can be sure your baby gets a longer sleeping duration because of its special design.

Why I choose the Amby Baby Motion Bed?

My experience with the Amby Baby Motion Bed proved so good that I decided to import and market it in Singapore and the region.

Like most mother the first item I bought was the cot for my baby. I even bought a beautiful set of bedding accessories, dreaming that my baby will love his bed. But things turn out otherwise; my son screamed when he was placed in the cot and refused to sleep. He would only sleep in my arms. He also had reflux problem (most babies do) and he burps out a lot of his feed. So I began searching for the perfect bed. My search ended with the Amby Baby Motion Bed from Dr Sears website. I feel in love with the design immediately and the promise that it could solve reflux and ensure longer sleeping duration for my son. He was right.

Like every anxious mother, I was worried about the safety aspect of a hammock but was assured when I spoke to some pediatrician who saw the design and told me that the design is safe.

First, the baby will not knock the head against the ground or the wall as there is a thick mattress to cushion the head. Second, the frame, which is unlike the frame you see in the market, is very stable.

Third, the height of the hammock from the ground is only 30 cm.

Fourth, you can zip up the end of the hammock to prevent the baby from climbing out.

The Amby bed is safety tested and patented in many countries including the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Switzerland.

Click here to find out more about the Amby Baby Motion Bed. This product is available on our online store as well as several retail outlets in Singapore.

Mattress / Crawling Mat

The bed is for baby to sleep. The mattress or the crawling mat is for babies to exercise and play. Tummy time for the baby is extremely important for the physical development of the baby.

Boppy pillow has a very good product known as the Boppy tummy play to encourage babies to exercise at the prone position.

See our Survival products.

Chest of drawers
To place all your babies clothing (Ikea sells good quality wooden chest drawers at really good prices. Remember to buy real wood not chip board or compress ply wood which will not last).
Musical mobile(Battery operated or wind up type)
Black and white mobile are good for newborns (Tiny love has a very good black and white mobile with music). No point getting pastel coloured mobile as babies can’t appreciate it until 3 months old (e.g Fisher and Price Star mobile).
Soft bolster or black and white soft-toy
Comfort object for babies.
Layette (basic collection of clothes and accessories babies will need through his first few weeks)


Rompers / Bodysuit
Sleep Suits
I would suggest getting front-button shirts instead of pull overs. It is sensible to get several sizes larger as kids grow at an amazing rate.Places with good infant wear are:Mothercare (I love their bodysuits)MotherworksIt is good to buy during Robinsons or Metro warehouse sales as they really sell baby clothes at great discounts.
Receiving blankets
To wrap the baby up. Some people advocate swaddling the babies: some do not advocates swaddling babies for too long. But I would say it all depends on your child. My son hates swaddling so I don’t swaddle him. Metro Orchard has a good range of receiving blankets.
Booties and scratch mittens
Motherworks and Kidsmall sell mittens small enough for premature babies. Babies should wear mittens up to two months of age as babies at that age is trying to learn the world around them through their sense of touch. Try to get mittens and booties as small as possible for newborns. Kidsmall and Motherswork have a good range of tiny booties and mittens.
Towels and face cloth
I find it wasteful to buy expensive terry cloth towels. In fact the best cloth to use is diaper cloth, it is not only useful for diapering but to towel dry the baby, wiping the saliva and burps. As it is 100% cotton, it absorbs water very well and dries very easily tooTo make small pieces of face cloth out of a diaper cloth, I cut the diaper cloth into smaller pieces and hemmed the edge using tape binders to prevent the ends from frilling. Each piece of cloth diaper can be cut into 6 pieces of face cloth.
Bathing and changing accessories
Bath Tub/ container for sponge bath
You should sponge bath the baby until the stump of the umbilical cord falls off which usually occurs in the second week after birth. You could also squeeze drops alcohol from alcohol swaps onto the cord to clean and dry it. Always use cooled boiled water to wipe the areas around the baby’s eye and face starting from the cleanliest part of the face, which is the eye.Ikea’s bath tub is good and inexpensive.
Bath Seat
You may want to use a bath seat when the baby is about 4 months old so that you may use the showerhead to bathe the baby. It saves water and time.
Changing table and changing mat

It is actually not necessary but if you need to buy one, make sure that it comes with a safety belt to prevent baby from falling off especially when the baby starts to turn.

From my experience a changing mat, placed on the floor is more practical and safer.Click here to link to articles on changing diapers.

Small dish container
10-12 inches diameter. To wipe baby’s eye and face. Remember to use only boiled water during the first month as newborns have very sensitive skin.
Bath sponge
I find that Pigeon sponge bath is gentle on the skin but cleanse efficiently. Some people prefer to use cloth hankies.
Cotton wool
It is actually more economical to get big rolls of cotton wool than balls of cotton and they work equally well if you soak them in water.
Bathing gel and moisturizer
It is important not to use soaps directly on the baby’s skin. Remember to place the bathing gel on bath sponge first. Mustela has a good range of bathing gels and lotion. The scent might not be fantastic but the bathing gels are quite gentle on baby’s skin.
Cotton Buds
Need to get the Pigeon brand for infants, they are much thinner.
Tummy binder
To keep baby’s tummy warm. Metro sells this binder at about $3 each.
Sterile cotton swabs & Cord spirit
To use on umbilical cord. Some hospitals provide this, so check with your hospital.
Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are convenient to use and most companies produces wipes with moisturizing properties like JoJoBa. I personally like the NUK and Pigeon wipes. Nuk wipes are very thick and thus you just need to use one piece on the babies bottom. I like Pigeon's one hand operational system that allows you to pull one piece of wipe at a time.

See our Survival products for Pigeon wipes..

Safety pins
For use with cloth diaper but if you are using pilchers (pants worn over diaper) then this is not necessary.
Diapering necessities Click here on article on “Diaper Changing”
Changing table
It is actually not necessary but if you need to buy one ensure that it comes with a safety belt to prevent baby from falling off especially when the baby starts to turn.
Disposable Diaper /
Cloth diaper

Some people swear by cloth diapers as it is more economical and they claim is able to “breath” better than disposable diapers. For cloth diapers, 24 pieces is good enough for a start. Pigeon brand cloth diapers are quite soft. Annaku brand is more affordable. You can go to neighborhood stores to get less expensive brands.

For disposable diapers, I find the brand Nepia from Japan to be superb. In fact I found the quality to be better than Pampers premium but it is rather expensive. Nepia is available only from Seiyu, Isetan and Meidiya.

Barrier cream

Popular brand are Drapolene, Desitin and Mustela Barrier Cream. Like their names suggest, the more barrier cream you apply, the better for the baby. I found Mustela and Desitin brand to be the best as they are very thick in texture and you don’t have to use a lot on the baby’s bottom. A tube can last me for 2 weeks on my exclusively breastfed baby who poos a lot.

Note: Desitin barrier cream contains cod liver oil so the smell might not be that pleasant. There are TWO types of Desitin cream. The creamy one which is available from most hospital pharmacy is better as it is easier to be removed after applying on the babies' bottom.. The non-creamy one is available from Guardian pharmacy will require more effort to be removed. Both offers the same degree of protecion against nappy rash.

Cotton wool
Using wet cotton wool to clean baby’s bottom is actually better than using baby wipes as wipes contains fragrances and some babies are allergic to them.
Nappy liners
If you are using cloth diapers,Pigeon brand liner are good but expensive. Tollyjoy is cheaper.
Changing mat
You can get inflatable diaper mat from IKEA.
Traveling necessities
Baby sling carrier
They are many advantages in wearing a baby sling carrier. I can’t leave home without it. They are many different variation of baby sling carrier in the market. I used to carry some of the slings and I found that the slings in the current market to be too bulky at the shoulders and they restrict arm movement. It does not allow me to carry my bag on the shoulder. So I designed the BayB sling.. It is a cross between the Maya wrap sling as well as “cupping upper arm” design thus allowing wearer to adjust the wideness of the band. The BayB Sling carrier is made of high quality non-colour fast fabric and durable rings, which have been tested by PSB to carry a load of up to 600kg. See our Survival products for BayB sling.
Can buy this at a later date. I have a pram but I don’t use it as my son hates the pram and prefers the sling. So we use the pram to cart our shopping bags instead during our supermarket outings.
Car seat
A must for all Singapore drivers.
Hand wipes

Use this to wipe hands before feeding the baby. Pigeon has small 10 piece traveling packs.

See our Survival products for Pigeon wipes.

Diapering pack
Disposable diapers, cream, wipes and changing mat (I am very conscious about putting my baby on the changing table in nurseries so a changing mat is a real essential for me. You can get a cheap plastic changing mat for about $3. Available from Kiddy Palace.
Bottle cum warming bag
Can use it to bring your expressed breast milk.
Thermo flask /
milk bottles / powder container
For Formula fed babies.
Baby monitor
Good if you are staying in a 2 story house but there is no need if you stay in a one level flat, as you can hear the cries of most babies. The newer generation monitors like the Angel monitors come with a motion detector to detect the breathing of baby and if the baby stops breathing, the alarm will go off.

This is very important. There are several ways to measure the temperature of a baby. You can use ear thermometer or digital thermometer.

Ear thermometer : Measures the infrared heat of the eardrum, which is very close to the temperature control centre of the brain. Expensive but convenient.

Digital thermometer : It is cheap and can be used to measure oral, rectal, auxiliary. However, oral temperature taking is not advisable for young children. Rectal measurements are slightly higher then oral measurements. An underarm measurement is impacted by room temperature, so accuracy is more difficult to achieve. Underarm measurements are lower then oral measurements.

Nail clipper
Do not use it on new born babies as the nail bed is still fused to the tip of the nail. Use a scratch mitten instead if you are worried that babies will scratch their faces. However babies also need to learn to feel so at some point those mittens need to come off. Perhaps when you notice baby is more aware so that he/she will not unknowingly scratch their face.
Chest of drawers
To place all your babies clothing.
Electric bottle warmer
Avent bottle warmer is fantastic especially useful in heating up expressed breast milk. It will not overheat the breast milk. Overheating kills the antibodies in the milk. I NEVER microwave the bottle to heat up the milk as the milk might be heated up unevenly and this can scald the baby.
Windup mobile
Black and white mobile are good for newborns (Tiny Love has a very good black and white mobile with music). No point getting pastel coloured mobile as babies can’t appreciate it (e.g Fisher and price Star mobile).
Soft bolster or black and white soft-toy
As a comfort object for babies.
Black and white cards
To stimulate baby’s vision and mind. I started out my son with Glenn Doman program when he was about 1 month old. (Glenn Doman) However you could also look into using Microsoft Powerpoint to create affordable presentations to flash to baby.(There will be a different page on stimulating your baby. Stay tune)
Rattle Mirror Baby gym
Toys for babies. Most babies won’t appreciate it until about a month old.
Only if you need it. For breastfed babies avoid pacifier until 6 weeks of age when milk production have stabilized to prevent nipple confusion.
Electric flask
Quick access to hot water especially during confinement period.
Laundry washing
2 –3 Pails
Good to have a separate pail for washing babies clothes and the adults. Have a few pails to allow soaping and rinsing of clothes.
Nappy detergent and Nappy softener
If you are using a cloth diaper, Napisan is quite a good powder detergent.
Basket for baby laundry
A plastic pail is usually sufficient.
Clothes hanger for drying
Hanger with clips.
Books Parenting and Babycare books

The best you can do for your baby now is to read. Many pregnant mothers tend to spend too much time on pregnancy guide books and forgot about babycare books. When the baby arrives, it will be too late as you will not have the time to read. So start your parenthood in the right way by reading early.

see links for babycare books which I find useful.

Contributed by Florence Tan, mother of Isabelle, Chloe & Jordan

If you have things or thoughts you would like to contribute please email me at

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