Amby Baby Motion Bed.
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AMBY is recently featured in Channel News Asia Program - The Great Expectation as one of the star products for good sleep!


Amby Baby Motion Bed


A revolutionary hammock bed which brings the following to mums & dads :

1. Longer Sleep Duration
2. Prevents Flat Head
3. Provides a warm swaddled environment
4. Flexible Sleeping Arrangement
5. Safe
6. Great air ventilation
7. High quality material
8. Portable And Adjustable

Furthermore, Amby tops it off soothing Colic & infant reflux conditions and many more....

Colic - Amby's womb-like design and natural motion is comforting to babies with colic symptoms who have trouble sleeping. The hammock's ability to bounce also eases any stomach cramping or gas pains baby might be experiencing.
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Infant reflux - The Amby can be adjusted to the incline baby sleeps at best - which is crucial for babies suffering with acid reflux. In addition, the hammock's rocking motion sooths indigestion and lulls the baby to sleep.
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Premature babies - Babies born prematurely crave a womb-like environment and very often must be held much of the time in their first months. The Amby provides this safe environment in addition to a natural motion that mimics that "being held" feeling. Preemies are also commonly diagnosed with colic or reflux (or both) which the Amby also treats.
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Restless sleepers - Babies who tend to thrash or have trouble getting to sleep respond well to the Amby's natural motion. Many babies learn quickly how to create motion by moving their arms or legs, which soothes them and rocks them back to sleep.
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Short nappers - While baby may stir during their daytime naps, the Amby responds to those movements and keeps your baby sleeping soundly for longer periods of time. The Amby's portability is also allows you to keep the napping baby nearby.
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New for 2007 this smaller version of our extremely popular Baby Wetsuit is designed for younger babies. Using stretchy and comfortable soft neoprene, these little Babywarma wetsuits provide warmth and security for little ones during their first introduction to swimming.

Opening completely flat they are easy to put on and take off. With adjustable straps and side panels they can fit approx 6 - 12 months. Helping keeps babies warmer for longer in the water. The legs and arms are bound with Lycra for additional comfort.

So comfortable the wetsuits can be worn as a swimsuit too! An added bonus!, the Babywarma provides additional grip for mum & dad, giving peace of mind when carrying baby on poolside or in the water.

NEW FOR 2007 - Mini Babywarma 0-6 mths - due to high demand, we have now available a Mini Babywarma Wetsuit for the even smaller little swimmers of this world! Don't forget to match up the Babywarma & Baby Wetsuit with our fantastic swim Nappicova, available in a range of sizes to help keep those little embarrassing moments at bay!

"Baby Warma is really good! My little darlings no longer feel cold especially when the get out of the pool after swim. Though I prefered something with sleeves to protect more parts of my littleones from UV and keeping more parts warm, the sleeveless is good as it doesn't restrict baby's movement since the material of the wet suits are in general thicker than the normal swim wear." Florence Tan, Mother of 4

Available in Pink or Blue and 2 sizes (0-6 months or 6 to 12 months). Retailing at


Glamourmom Built-in Nursing & Maternity Wear

• The Glamourmom® Nursing Bra Tank with stylish adjustable spaghetti shoulder straps and clasps that sit flush to the fabric for a non-bulky look;

• The Glamourmom® Maternity Nursing Bra Tank, which retains all of the original Nursing Bra Tank features, but adds extra room and length for the belly. It is an ideal tank for use during pregnancy or during the immediate post-partum period;

• The Glamourmom® Nursing Bra Long Tank with an extra four inches in length for a more fashionable option and guaranteed coverage;

• The Glamourmom® Nursing Bra Top with or without lace, which provides even greater breast support, featuring wider smooth elastic bra straps and nursing bra hook closures that are easy to open with one hand;

• The Glamourmom® Nursing Bra Long Top with an additional four inches in length for the longer torso or to pair with low-rise pants;

• The Glamourmom® Nursing Bra Slip Dress and the Glamourmom® Nursing Bra Tankini Swimsuit, which utilize the same patented built-in nursing bra design and are both great additions to our Glamourmom line.

Thanks to Glamourmom who brings great convenience, style and happiness in nursing our little ones!

Now Retailing At




Gobi cakes are great for chocalate lovers. Besides great taste, GOBI's cakes scored a full marks for packaging and design of cakes. You just can't get enough from this bite size mini choc cakes and especially for proud parents celebrating babies' full month, the personalised cake designs adds to the proudness of parents distributing them.

Oh.. it's so sinful gobbling down the richness of these delicious cakes but some voice behind keep telling you, it's ok - WORTH THE EXTRA CALORIES AND FAT! MUST TRY!

"I ordered the GOBI full month cakes and all of my friends and relatives sang praises for the taste of the cakes and of course, my girl's name's on the cake. I'm sure they'll never forget this out of the box full month gift! At least not the usuals with kuehs and red eggs!." Florence Tan, Mother of 4


BOPPY 5-in-1




Boppy Tummy Play is great developmental essential for babies, not only training their neck muscles, but babies enjoy being on their tummy too! It must be a bore to keep lying down during the first months. Now that our little ones have the chance to be on their tummy, they're sure to enjoy their tummy play time! What's more, it comes with 2 Sassy Toys to accompany babies with their play!

Boppy 5-in-1 FUN is also a great play time product for young babies who are not ready for their tummy yet! But with the great entertainment from Sassy Toys hanging above them and the comfortable Boppy that lifts them slightly up, babies enjoy it a lot. Boppy 5-in-1 can also be used to help babies sit up and can double up as tummy play when babies are slightly older and ready for tummy play time.

Now available at

Retail price for Tummy Play - $49.90, 5--in-1 FUN - $69.90




  1. wide access zipper pocket
  2. textile quality: polyester
  3. the plastic hardshell protects your baby’s lunch
  4. total volume: 14 liters / 3,7 gallons

More specifications

  1. comfortable foamed backrest
  2. washable bag
  3. the side pockets always remain accessible
  4. large safety belt
  5. plastic hardshell inside
  6. organised interior with several pockets
  7. 2 styles of backrest closures

Step by step

Step 1:
place the bag on a stable chair xxxxxxxxxx

Step 2:
attach strap underneath the seat xxxssxx x

Step 3:
open the backrest xxxxxxxxxxsssssxxxxx

Step 4:
attach the strap behind the chair xxxssssx

Step 5:
pull the straps tightly xxxxxssxxxxxxxxxxx

Step 6:
place your child on the Hoppop xxxxxxxx

Step 7:
attach the safety belt xxxxxxxxxxxxxssxxx

GREAT 2-in 1 PRODUCT! I'll never have to scream or freak out with dirty chairs outdoor or queue for baby seats when dining out.

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Reviewed by Florence Tan

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