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The BayB Fastener (manufactured by SNAPPI )is the only fastener of its kind in the world - unique in the true sense of the word, with registered patents worldwide.

  • Safer than using Safety pins, our BayB Fastener makes using cloth diapers 100 per cent baby safe.
  • No fear of leaving sharp metal parts on your baby.
  • The fastener in various baby colours are toxic free and can be used over and over again.
  • It is quality-proven and will return to its original shape after use.
  • It holds the nappy in place when the baby becomes mobile

Why should you buy a BayB fastener?
Cloth diapers are recommended as the most natural and are often in the best interest of the baby. This safe, easy to use and hygienic diaper fastener replaces the traditional diaper pin. Every mother who uses cloth diaper will find the BayB fastener the most practical and reliable way of fastening.

The Look
The SNAPPI nappy fastener is made from a stretchable non-toxic material that is T-shaped with grips on each end. These grips embed in the nappy fabric to ensure a well fitting nappy with enough natural movement for the baby.

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Comes in a pack of 2

Price: SGD$8.50

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Wearing Instructions

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