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  Bumbo Baby Sitter

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The award-winning Bumbo is well liked for its benefits over other baby seats, such as high chairs. You can take a Bumbo anywhere in the back of the car or in a pram storage space to use on any flat surface outside the home. It is made from a soft, lightweight non-toxic material and is durable and easy wipe clean.

The back of the Bumbo supports the baby in a comfortable upright sitting position. It is designed so that the baby's own weight helps to narrow the gap above the legs, gently keeping the baby in place.

The most popular uses for the Bumbo are at feeding time or to allow a baby to sit and watch other children at play. It is ideal for babies from around four months to a year and beyond, up to 10kg in weight.

It comes in attractive hexagonal packaging and a freestanding display unit is currently being developed.

The Bumbo is not just popular with parents, the media love it too!

Do not use on a raised or uneven surface, as a car seat, in a bath or in other water. Bumbo is happiest on the floor. Do not use until your baby is fully able to support its head. Depending on the physical development and age of the child, some babies will be able to move out of the Bumbo, so never leave your child unattended.

Color Available:
- Bumbo Blue
- Bumbo Lime
- Bumbo Pink
- Bumbo Yellow
Price: SGD$80.00