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  Ardo Lilyz Padz


The ultimate non-absorbent breast pad! No leaks. No lines. No worries.

Enjoy your new freedom... thanks to the ingenious LilyPadz non-absorbent breast pads. Whether you are swimming, engaging in a sporting activity, wearing your favourite bra or simply like going out in the evening…. LilyPadz do not slip, do not wear out, and protect discreetly and reliably against breast milk leakage.

The revolutionary reusable breast pads...

  • effectively prevent your valuable breast milk from leaking.
  • are non-absorbent and self-adhesive.
  • are made from breathable Premium-quality silicone.
  • can be used for several weeks and are therefore more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than conventional disposable breast pads.
  • wear like a second skin and are invisible under clothing.
  • are recommended by Lactation Consultants, midwives and mothers.
Price: SGD$49.00