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  Ardo Calypso (singple Electric BP)

The gentle breastpump

Gentle and efficient, innovative but easy to operate... with the compact Calypsobreastpump for personal use, we are setting new standards. Calypso offers outstanding individual flexibility in order to meet mothers’ requirements.

The ARDO guarantee. The guarantee has been extended. It will now be independent of the time of purchase and will cover all functionality over the period during which at least two babies are breastfed.

  • Both in stimulation- and pumping- mode, the vacuum and cycle can be individually adjusted at any time.
  • Calypso can, if required, be extended with an UpgradeSet, and turned into a double pump (even more efficient).
  • Calypso comes as either a mains- or a battery-powered unit.
  • Calypso comes with a selection of breast shell sizes.
  • Safety. Complete protection from contamination and pathogenic agents, thanks to its “VacuuSeal” technology.
  • Thanks to its air-chamber system and thin membrane, OptiFlow actively massages the breast.
  • The compact design and the reduced sound level of the working unit allow discreet expression.
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Price: SGD$338.00