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  Ardo Amaryll (Single Manual BP)


The individual breastpump

Thought to be the perfect manual breastpump! Amaryll turned out to be the favourite breastpump for most mothers and professionals, even in the early testing phase. We attach the greatest importance to gentleness, comfort, individuality and, not least, efficiency you will experience the result!

  • Recommended by Kidsgo: See the evaluation of 4/10
  • Vacuum strength and pump rhythm can be independently adjusted to your own personal requirements and to the
  • individual sucking pattern of your baby.
  • A selection of breast shell sizes are available you choose the most comfortable fit.
  • The ergonomic pivoting lever is suitable for both right-handed or left-handed women as well as for mothers with small
  • hands, and ensures pleasant and easy pumping.
  • Thanks to its air-chamber system and thin membrane, OptiFlow actively massages the breast and ensures efficient and
  • comfortable pumping.
  • Simple construction.
  • Gentle application.
  • Handy design based on nature.
  • Membrane protects against contamination.
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Price: SGD$66.00