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Cherub Baby Bottles
  Cherub Ultimate Bottle Kit (3 Stage Kit)

Newest product in the Cherub Baby range, the BPA Free Ultimate Feeding Kit is the most versatile 4 in 1 bottle and feeding system to feed baby all the way from birth to toddler! Similar to all Cherub Baby milk storage system, the Ultimate Feeding kit is made from polypropylene plastic which is one of the most recyclable and safest plastics on the market. They are BPA, phthalates and PVC.
4 in 1 bottle and feeding set
Can be used from birth to toddler
BPA, phthalates, PVC Free
Has 3 drinking lids for different stages of feeding
Includes removable handles
Made from recyclable plastic
Environmentally friendly solution

The Ultimate Bottle Kit is not only a safer option for your baby, it is also environmentally friendly. By only changing the lid and not the bottle you are creating just that little bit less waste. The Ultimate Bottle Kit also comes with removable handles to suit your baby’s feeding preferences and all parts are dishwasher and steriliser proof.

Storage, Cleaning and Compatibility:
Dishwasher safe
Steriliser safe
Included bottle fits most other wideneck neck teats
Sippy cup, straw attachments compatible with most major brand wideneck bottles

Included in the box:
220ml BPA free natribottle
Wide neck slow flow anti-colic silicon teat
Travel seal
Easy grip handle
Sippy cup attachment
Straw cup attachment
Screw lid and cap
Usage instruction

The product comes with 12 month warranty.

Price: SGD$24.00