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  Scrunch Bucket

The multi-purpose container.

Fold it, roll it, scrunch it, pop it back into shape –the ultimate collapsible bucket.

Designed to be used by children at home, on holiday (it makes a great sandcastle), indoors and outdoors, and by all those who require a storage or carrying container that travels and folds away taking up minimum space. Ideal for walking, camping, caravanning and boating. The amazing Scrunch-bucket fits just about anywhere. In a suit case, or the smallest corner of a car boot, even in your pocket!It's silicon design enables it to retain its shape every time after being scrunched.Available in 6 colors red, yellow, purple, teal, pink, blue.
Color Available:
- Scrunch Bucket Blue
- Scrunch Bucket Green
- Scrunch Bucket Orange
- Scrunch Bucket Pink
- Scrunch Bucket Purple
- Scrunch Bucket Teal
- Scrunch Bucket Yellow
Price: SGD$15.00