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Belly Bra
  Belly Bra

Untitled DocumentAll about the Belly Bra - unique support garment for the 3rd trimester
The Belly Bra offers unique comfort and style for pregnancy.

Belt, snap and buckle-free, the Belly Bra slips over the head and is held in place below the tummy with a band of non-constrictive elastic. The Belly Bra's one way stretch-back panel design on the racer-style bra gently pulls the shoulders back, lifting weight off the pelvis and so equally distributing the weight between the shoulders. This simple gesture aids better posture.

Inventor Linda Turner understood the need for comfort during pregnancy, a need confirmed by statistics revealing that about half of all pregnant women experience lower back pain due to increased weight gain. It was while watching a pregnant woman struggle more with her large belly than with an exercise routine that Turner was inspired to come up with the idea of the Belly Bra. This unique garmnet helps to provide comfort and support to expectant mothers, especially in their third trimester.

The low-cut neck means that you can choose to wear it 'hidden' or as a 'camisole' under a shirt or jacket, or belly-proud mothers can wear it on its own.

The Belly Bra is made of a Nylon/Spandex mix which is very thin and makes it much cooler than thicker cotton items – perfect for the Asian climate!

What our lovely customers say about the Belly Bra
'I am a teacher and a coach. I spend many long hours on my feet. The Belly Bra® has excellent support. better than the maternity belt I wore last pregnancy. I also walk a lot. I feel much more comfortable and safer while wearing the Belly Bra.'
S.B. Arlington, TX.

'I wasn’t really sure the Belly Bra® made a difference until one day I didn’t wear it. Boy, am I a believer now! I am in my eighth month of pregnancy and have now bought a second one. The Belly Bra helps support my heavy breasts too.'
E.S. – Tallahassee, FL.

'I love it! This is my third pregnancy and my belly is big. It is comfortable to wear and not as hot as I though. When I don't wear it, what a difference! Thanks for such a great product.'
J.C. Taneytown, MD

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Belly Bra?
The Belly Bra is a patented torso-support system that aids in lifting weight off the pelvis to provide much-need support for lower back, abdomen and breasts of pregnant women, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. It answers the essential need for comfort.

What are the benefits of wearing the Belly Bra?
The Belly Bra was designed for use during the third trimester of pregnancy, when weight gain is at its highest and increased support and comfort are essential. The average recommended weight gain during pregnancy is 25 to 35 pounds, so as the pregnancy progresses, weight shifts and causes a forward pull, which can result in backaches.

Who should wear the Belly Bra?
The Belly Bra was originally conceived as an exercise garment for women in their third trimester of pregnancy, when they are at their largest, and it has quickly become a 'must have' comfort item to be worn every day by pregnant women. Today, it helps mothers-to-be-feel attractive while staying healthy, providing comfort and support during the performance of everyday tasks.

Small (30/32) Medium (34/36) Large (38/40) X Large (42/44)

Available in XS, S, M, L (please refer to sizing chart)




    Color Available:
    - Belly Bra Black
    - Belly Bra Natural
    - Belly Bra White
    - Belly Bra Extra Large
    - Belly Bra Large
    - Belly Bra Medium
    - Belly Bra Small
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