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Once upon a time, children's shoes were taking themselves a bit too seriously,
and feet were not having any fun. Then one day, a new brand named Polliwalks™ was created.
Polliwalks™ brought fun back to children's feet. All the children loved their Polliwalks™.
They took them home, quickly became best friends, and lived happily every after.
When was the last time a shoe looked you in the eye and made you smile?
Feet have never had so much fun! Go on, go outside and play!

"Shoes shouldn't just be shoes;
They should be toys for feet"

Polliwalks™ clogs feature the colorful likeness of a duck, a frog, a gator, and a ladybug with our patent pending footprinter™ bottom. Children will step in dirt, firm sand, or water, and leave tiny Polliwalks™ footprints wherever they go. Wearing Polliwalks™ Clogs is like wearing little animals on your feet! They are constant companions for all of life's little adventures at home, school or play.

Molded shoes on the market often fit too loose.
How do Polliwalks™ Clogs fit a child's foot?

Because Polliwalks™ was founded by a group of seasoned shoe industry veterans, we know how to build a shoe that fits! Our shoes were engineered specifically for children's feet using a children's shoe last (the form that determines the shape of the inside of a shoe). Our shoes have a built-in arch support and a deep heel cup for superior comfort, support and stability for little feet. The instep is fitted to the foot without being too loose, a feature that helps in preventing twisting of the foot inside the shoe. Shoes should fit, not be floppy!!

How do I care for Polliwalks™ Clogs?

Because Polliwalks™ Clogs are made from a closed cell foam, they are extremely easy to care for! They are completely waterproof, so they can be hosed off or hand washed with a mild soap and air dried. If they become too dirty for a simple hand washing, you can actually throw them in the washing machine (gentle cycle, cold water wash only!) You should never tumble dry your Polliwalks™ Clogs or leave them in a very hot car or in the direct hot sun for long periods of time. This could cause shrinking of the material or affect the performance and would void our manufacturer's warranty.

-- FUN and Colorful animal shaped shoes (pat. pending)
-- Footprinter™ Bottom" (pat. pending) Each shoe bottom features the footprints of the animal that the shoe represents.
Step in mud, sand, dirt or water and leave footprints behind.
-- Superior fit as compared to competitors
-- Comfortable
-- Slip resistant
-- Molded Soft Foam Construction
-- Easy on/off for young children
-- Easy to clean: hose off or throw in your washing machine (cold water wash, gentle cycle, DO NOT tumble dry).
-- Waterproof
-- No Waste Manufacturing - all excess material created from molding process is recycled.
-- Environmentally friendly packaging - tags and hooks made from recycled paper and plastic, minimal packaging used.
-- Environmentally friendly water based adhesives used in manufacturing.
-- Vegan- no animal products are used in manufacturing process.


----- Available in US sizes 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/1/2 (approx. 6mth to 7 yrs old) -----








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