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Finally, a solution for your fussy baby! The Amby Baby Motion Bed helps babies and parents get the sleep they need with it’s womb-like design and gentle motion that babies love. Endorsed by Dr. Sears, the Amby Baby bed is specially helpful for babies with reflux(GER), colic and even preemies.

Learn how Amby helps:

- Infant Colic
- Infant reflux
- Premature babies
- Restless sleepers
- Short nappers

Colic - Amby's womb-like design and natural motion is comforting to babies with colic symptoms who have trouble sleeping. The hammock's ability to bounce also eases any stomach cramping or gas pains baby might be experiencing.
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Infant reflux - The Amby can be adjusted to the incline baby sleeps at best - which is crucial for babies suffering with acid reflux. In addition, the hammock's rocking motion sooths indigestion and lulls the baby to sleep.
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Premature babies - Babies born prematurely crave a womb-like environment and very often must be held much of the time in their first months. The Amby provides this safe environment in addition to a natural motion that mimics that "being held" feeling. Preemies are also commonly diagnosed with colic or reflux (or both) which the Amby also treats.
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Restless sleepers - Babies who tend to thrash or have trouble getting to sleep respond well to the Amby's natural motion. Many babies learn quickly how to create motion by moving their arms or legs, which soothes them and rocks them back to sleep.
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Short nappers - While baby may stir during their daytime naps, the Amby responds to those movements and keeps your baby sleeping soundly for longer periods of time. The Amby's portability is also allows you to keep the napping baby nearby.
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Conditions Amby Helps
1. Longer Sleep Duration
2. Prevents Flat Head
3. Provides a warm swaddled environment
4. Flexible Sleeping Arrangement
5. Safe
6. Great air ventilation
7. High quality material
8. Portable And Adjustable

1. Longer Sleep Duration
The Amby Motion Bed is specially designed to promote longer and a more restful sleep for your baby. Parents often find that their baby is restless and cries during the night. The Amby’s design addresses many of the reasons why baby may be unable to get a good night’s sleep.

Babies love to be swaddled - it gives them a feeling of security. The hammock provides the natural elements baby experienced for over nine months in the maternal womb. Babies are born into a world that is unlike anything they have experienced inside the womb. They crave closeness and they crave motion.

Conventional cribs are firm and flat and provide little sense of security for baby. The Amby motion bed gives baby a slightly upright, soft, curved and contoured surface that gives baby the same snuggled feeling as your loving arms.

A baby will usually awaken slowly and peacefully in the Amby, soothed by the gentle bouncing of the hammock initiated by baby’s own small movements, instead of the abrupt arousal often experienced in a crib.

In fact, we have seen babies go from irritably crying to peacefully smiling when parents stop by the Amby office with a restless sleeper or fussy baby and mom places her child into the Amby.

2. Prevents Flat Head
In the early months, babies are prone to developing a flat area in the back of the head due to the disproportionate weight of baby’s head on a flat surface. Because the Amby allows baby to sleep in a slightly upright position, much of the baby’s head weight is more evenly distributed to the rest of the body. The short answer to this is YES, the hammock will go a long way in addressing this problem.

The problem with cribs, bassinets and cots is that they have a hard flat surface. Practically all South East Asian and East Asian countries sleep their babies on their backs (a cultural thing). It appears that babies who sleep on flat hard surfaces e.g. the Japanese futon end up with flat heads. On the contrary, babies in South East Asia, particularly the Malays, who sleep their babies (on their backs) in sarong hammocks, have round heads

3. Provides a warm swaddled environment
Babies love to be cuddled and swaddled, and their favorite place to sleep is often snuggled close in mom’s or dad’s loving arms. When it is time to lay your sleeping baby down, the Amby’s soft bed and sides keep baby warm and snug throughout the night, while its breathable design promotes airflow to keep baby comfortable in warmer weather as well.

The movement of the Amby makes the transition from a parent’s arms to sleeping in the hammock effortless. Instead of dropping the baby on a crib’s hard surface and hoping baby stays asleep, the Amby moves easily while you settle baby in the hammock, often without baby even realizing the change.

4. Flexible Sleeping Arrangement
The Amby fits easily in any room of the house and can be moved from room to room wherever you need baby to sleep.

A corner of the living room or kitchen is a perfect place for baby to nap nearby.

The hammock bed can slide right up next to you bed so you can easily reach baby during the night when you need to bring baby into bed with you.

The bed sits 12 inches off the ground so baby can easily see you while you gently bounce the Amby to lull baby back to sleep.

5. Safe
The Amby is a safe place for your baby to sleep. The product has been thoroughly tested to both national and international standards by the world’s leading testing agencies. The product is undergoing clinical nursing studies in the US, measuring levels of baby comfort and irritability in the hospital setting. Previous tests of rebreathing of carbon dioxide have been conducted with the Amby hammock at the University of New Zealand.

When you first see the Amby Hammock, it will probably catch your attention since you have never seen anything quite like it before. You may wonder how your baby would feel and look sleeping in the Amby. This is common and we recommend that you conduct your own reading and assessment - we are confident that you will become a believer because of the product’s safety features and benefits to your baby.

Please refer to the Amby’s Awards and Tests tab for more information about the products safety design and tests conducted.

6. Great air ventilation

The Amby is open in the front and top and the sides are a netted material to allow clear ventilation of fresh air for baby to breathe.

7. High quality material
The Amby is made of the highest quality materials that will survive the wear and tear of baby after baby:

The Hammock sling is made of 100% cotton that is durable, breathable, and shrink resistant.
A two-inch foam pad provides a soft and stable sleeping surface within the hammock. This provides a distinct advantage over traditional sheet-type baby hammocks which are too confining.
The sturdy steel frame won’t bend, rust, or lose it’s supportive durability over the years.
The final design of the Amby Hammock has been perfected over the years since its early beginnings in Australia. Amby hires and contracts with our own people to finish the final assembly and packing of your hammock before shipment. This way we are confident the product we send you has passed a total quality inspection before use. The hammock fabric is sewn tight and inspected several times before final assembly. Each metal tube has been sandblasted and painted with a high gloss off-white gleaming finish.

The spring and cross bar are made with heavy metal and steel that will hold up to 99 lbs. The spring is so durable, it won’t stretch or lose its strength over the years.

Each hammock comes with its own dark green canvas carrying bag so you can travel with your baby wherever you need to go.

The product is made to high quality standards with only adult labor and proper working conditions.

“ We are so pleased with the quality of the hammock. It is sturdy, the steel frame is strong and the hammock is so well-made. It even looks good in our daughter’s nursery.” - Lisa James British Columbia

8. Portable And Adjustable

The Amby Motion Bed is portable with the carrying bag. The whole Amby Motion Bed weighs only 27 lbs. It is compact so you can bring it with you on trips or when visiting friends and family or move it to other rooms in the house.

The hammocks sling easily adjusts at the front and end of the bed. Since each baby has different needs, it may need to be positioned differently due to the baby's condition or growth.

Soothes Colic and Comforts Special Needs Babies
Soothes babies with reflux and colic: The baby is soothed from their reflux and colic because of the natural movements they generate and the similarities of their mother's womb: security, peaceful movements and snugness.

Provides comfort to special needs babies: The Amby Motion Bed also provides support for epileptic and foster care babies. For epileptic babies, the natural swaddling of the sling hammock gives the baby a comfortable and secure feeling by keeping the baby enclosed and snug.

Foster babies also benefit from the Amby Motion Bed because it creates a security and comfort from the swaddling and gentle movements. Foster Care Institutions have found the Amby very useful.

No Fire Retardants
We are frequently asked about Fire Retardants, and their possible link to SIDS. We are proud to let you know that there are absolutely no fire retardants present in any materials of the Amby Baby bed.

Motion Bed Patents
The Amby Motion Bed is protected by the following patents and design registrations:

Australia 104758, 114063
U.S.A. 5097545, 331158
Canada 2078015
United Kingdom 2010646
New Zealand 23265
Germany M9000714.9
Italy 022087
Switzerland 118509

Patents Pending: People's Rep. China, Japan, France and several other countries

IMPORTANT: The Baby Hammock and its individual constituent parts are the subject of a number of patents and design registrations in many countries throughout the world including Australia , New Zealand , USA , Canada , most of Asia including China and Japan , UK and European countries. The term "Baby Hammock" is used here generically to refer to items that are sold individually and collectively under various registered trade mark names in several countries including "Blissful Baby Hammock", "Mobile Baby Hammock", "Nature's Nest Baby Hammock", "Natures Nest Natural Motion Baby Bed", "Amby Baby Hammock" and variations and combinations of these. The owner of the patents and design registrations has and will continue to vigorously prosecute any infringement of the various patents and/or infringements of the registered designs in any country or territory where they may occur whether they be deliberate or unintentional.


Question: Safety and SIDS
How safe is the Amby Baby Hammock?

While there is no known cure for SIDS, pediatricians the world over recommend back sleeping. In the Amby Baby Motion Bed, babies sleep in the SIDS recommended supine position in the hammock. The Natural colored hammock's materials are made of all-natural 100% cotton fabric.

Question: Accreditation
What accreditation has Amby Baby recieved??

The Amby Baby Hammock has been tested and passed by the American Standards (JPMA), British Standards (BSi) and the Japanese Standards (JMGSL). Distributed internationally for more than 10 years, the Amby has been used extensively in hospitals, child care centers and thousands of homes. The JPMA certification is the highest standard we can attain and we are pleased to be in this elite group of worldwide manufactures association and be recognized for our adherence to safety. The JPMA is an international trade organization representing 95% of companies responsible for the manufacturing of child and infant related products and is considered a highly regarded United States certification authority.

Question: Duration of use
When should babies start using the hammock and how long should they sleep in it?

The Amby Baby Hammock is an early development product designed for newborns up to 12 months. Amby strongly suggests using the product when baby is born. Attempting to use Amby later in the baby's development can be successful however each case needs to be evaluated. We know the Amby works well from infant to 12 months and sometimes this may be as long as 7-9 months before transitioning occurs.

Question: Weight Limits
What are the weight limitations?

Each package includes a spring equipped to hold up to 25 pounds. A heavy-duty spring may be purchased separately which holds up to 40 pounds. The Amby Baby Jump Jump is recommended up to 25 pounds.

More about weight limits : -

Age & Weight Specifications
Age Recommendation: Infant to 12 months

Weight capacity: 12 kilograms (25 pounds)**

Assembled hammock frame dimensions: 77 cm wide x 107 cm long x 153 cm high (3.5 ft x 2.5 ft x 5 ft)

** Each package includes a spring equipped to hold up to 12 kilograms. An upgraded spring supporting up to 18 kilograms is available for sale on our website under “replacement parts.” Also, as of May 2005, Amby Baby has included a free set of product enhancements (spring cover, nylon washers, rubber tubing) with every hammock order. If you purchased your Amby prior to May 2005, please contact Amby Baby for a free set.

We recommend using the Amby Hammock from birth in order for baby to get the most benefits from its uniquely soothing sleeping environment. Because of its similarity to baby’s uterine experience, baby will quickly get accustomed to the hammock, giving baby the best sleep possible. The best time to purchase the hammock is while mom is still pregnant, and either bring the hammock into the hospital or have it ready for baby’s homecoming.

3-6 months

At this age the Amby is still usually effective, though success can be varied. The little bit older baby may take longer to get accustomed to a new sleeping arrangement - it depends on the baby and how and where she has slept up to now.

* If your baby is suffering from reflux , which keeps him up at night or makes naps short-lived, the hammock will probably be wonderful bed for your baby.
* If baby is restless in her crib - refuses to sleep for longer periods, resents being placed in the crib, wakes up crying, or seems uncomfortable in its vast space, the Amby will make her feel secure and swaddled.
* If baby needs movement to relax , needs to be rocked or “danced” with to fall asleep, the Amby’s baby initiated gentle movement will probably be calming and familiar to him.

If you find that baby likes to sleep in “odd places ,” like a car seat, or a bouncy seat, or maybe a swing, she is probably still craving the uterine environment where baby was held in a fetal position in close quarters. The Amby’s embracing feel and slightly upright angle will in all likelihood provide a wonderful sleeping experience for your baby.

6-9 months

At this age many parents still experience baby sleeping problems. Maybe baby has a difficult time falling asleep, or maybe baby won’t stay asleep for longer stretches of time. Even though we often see success at this age, not all babies will take to the hammock instantly or at all. This often depends on the environment you had your baby sleeping in from the beginning and other reasons for bad sleeping habits. You may have to be prepared for a little bit of time and work in order to convince baby that the hammock is wonderful place to sleep. Sleeping habits - even bad or unhappy ones - can be difficult to break. See Transitioning the older or co-sleeping baby to the Amby Hammock . See also 3-6 Months for signs that baby may need a hammock to sleep better.

12 months

The Amby Hammock can still be a wonderful bed for your older infant, though Amby strongly recommends parental supervision beyond 9 months of age to monitor baby during the wake-up cycle. By placing some toys on the cross bar at this age, the baby will play with the toys after waking-up to give time for parents to attend to the baby during baby’s wake-up cycle. We do not recommend leaving baby in the hammock without supervision while baby is awake at any age, but this is especially important for the older baby. We advise placing baby in hammock while he is sleeping or very sleepy, and taking baby out of the hammock right away after awakening.
Babies are not able to pull themselves up until 8-9 month due to the weight displacement in the hammock - the baby’s weight keeps the baby from pulling herself out. Sitting up is the only concern at this stage - placing toys on the cross bar is helpful with babies during this cycle.

Question: Washing instructions
Can I wash the Amby Baby Motion Bed?

Yes, all fabric parts of the Amby Baby Motion Bed can be hand washed in cold and then air dried, due to the 100% cotton fabric. A gentle cycle in a washing machine in cold is also acceptable. It is recommend that you wash the quilted cover and foam mattress together to help it retain its shape.

Question: Sitting up
As my baby gets older, how do I prevent her from sitting up?

Amby Baby: By placing a small toy on the crossbar, when your baby wakes up, she will begin playing with them. This may prevent your baby from sitting up and allow you to hear her right away. We do not recommend leaving baby in the hammock without supervision while baby is awake at any age, but this is especially important for the older baby. We advise placing baby in hammock while he is sleeping or very sleepy and taking baby out of the hammock right away after waking up.

Question: Transitioning
Is there a specific technique to transitioning?

The hammock is an early development product for newborns up to 12 months. As far as transitioning goes, it really depends on the baby’s personality; if they develop their “independence” faster than others, then they won’t need the closeness and comfort of the Amby and will want space sooner. As for transition, we suggest looking for signs of when baby is seeking to transition: arching their backs when being placed in the hammock, restlessness, not taking to the hammock after baby has been accustomed to sleeping in the hammock for sometime.

Question: Rolling Over
Can my baby roll over in the hammock?

Yes, eventually when the baby becomes strong enough around 4-6 months baby will be able to roll over on its side or tummy, with effort. The hammock's design is not ideal for tummy sleeping because of the sling design. Sleeping on the tummy in any hammock is not suggested for long. Reflux babies should sleep on their backs because it is more assuring. If your baby continues to like the hammock and occasionally sleeps on its tummy then monitor baby as you would with any bed.

Question: Chemicals
Should I be concerned about the bedding being treated with flame retardant chemicals?

The Amby Hammock has not been treated with any fire retardant chemicals. The foam is made from a polyethylene material that is cured and very commonly used for bedding. Our mattress cover is made from 100% cotton fabric. The natural cotton is pure natural cotton with no dies or chemicals.

Question: Water Proofing
Is there anyway to water proof the mattress?

Amby does not advise that you to put a waterproof cover over the mattress because this affects the air flow, but some parents have placed something near the bottom half of the mattress. This helps keep leaks from soaking through to the mattress pad, and will allow you to simply clean the baby up and place the extra sheet over the mattress.

About Amby Baby
Amby Baby is the official manufacturer of The Amby Baby Motion Bed - a natural alternative sleeping bed designed to help infants sleep peacefully during their first year of development. The Amby Baby Motion Bed mimics the natural movements, within the mother's womb creating a feeling of security and promotes longer sleep durations for baby. The Amby Baby hammock motion bed design has an upright, angled position assisting babies with natural sleep, colic and reflux.



Assembly Instructions for Amby - Page 1 , Page 2

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