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1 Just FOLD your Fridge-to-go®!
2 Place it in your Refrigerator's Freezer Overnight so it will FREEZE !
3 When needed, just remove, FILL, and you are ready to go in just seconds!
Note: 100% Reusable, you may store Fridge-to-go® in or out your refrigerator freezer for as long as you like.


At the core of every Fridge-to-go® is our patented Cooling Technology. Our SURROUND COOLING Technology is used throughout our entire product line. SURROUND COOLING means your getting the performance you need to keep the contents of each Fridge-to-goR cold for a full day away from home. SURROUND COOLING also means that when you place room temperature food & drink inside a fully recharged Fridge-to-go®, that is will take less than 2 hours to chill it, working just like your home refrigerator would, sometimes outperforming it!

Product Efficiency "Comparison test results"

The following tests were carried out to establish the efficiency & effectiveness of the Fridge-to-go® under average usage conditions and certain circumstances in comparison to other popular portable cooling mediums.

Ambient Temperature: 24°C
Measure intervals: Hourly
Measurement increments: °C
Proposed time of usage: 12 hours
Test substance: 12 X cola cans


An insulated cooler bag ( temperature: ambient 24°C ) with 12 cans of cola at 4°C were placed inside at the same time as Fridge-to-go®

The cola was at serving temperature(4°C) when it was placed in the Fridge-to-go®. The top lid was then zipped up and the Fridge-to-go® was then placed in a well-lit, medium height position at the ambient temperature (24°C).

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How does the Fridge-to-go keep Food & Drinks Cold all day?
It starts with our worldwide patented Surround Cooling Technology featuring built-in cooling panels which release the cool into our bag just like a refrigerator would.

2. How easy is it to use?
Just simply FOLD your Fridge-to-go and place it in your FREEZER overnight. When you need it, just simply FILL it and go. No Messy Ice, No Bulky Ice Packs!

3. How long does Fridge-to-go keep its contents cold?
There is a Fridge-to-go series to fit all your individual daily travel needs. See the chart below for all cooling performance ratings.
Series Rating

3000 Upto 8 hours
5000 Upto 12 hours
7000 Upto 16 hours

4. How long will my Fridge-to-go last?
Fridge-to-go is made of only the highest quality materials and workmanship. It is 100% reusable and made to last for a very long time under everyday use.

5. My Fridge-to-go seems very small compared to similar capacity cooler bags on the market?
Compact and lightweight, that's the great thing about Fridge-to-go. It is up to 40% smaller than same capacity cooler bags since there is no wasted space due to messy ice or bulky icepacks.

6. What if the inside of my Fridge-to-go gets dirty?
Fridge-to-go is a dry system so you rarely have to clean it like traditional cooler bags. We have all had been frustrated with cleaning our cooler bags after every use, not the case with Fridge-to-go. If for whatever reason the inner liner gets dirty, just simply hand wash with warm soapy water and rack dry. Do not put your Fridge-to-go into the washing machine.

7. Is Fridge-to-go safe? Do you use Chemicals? Is there are fear of Bacterial content?
Fridge-to-go was designed with the consumer in mind. We do not use any harmful liquids and gels which you would find in those bulky ice packs. Again, being a dry system means no wetness. No wetness means no chance of Bacterial growth. In addition, Fridge-to-go has an environmental benefit as it's both 100% reusable and made of environmentally safe materials.

8. Based on everything you get, Fridge-to-go must be expensive?
Fridge-to-go again was designed with you the consumer in mind. We wanted for revolutionize the cooler bag industry by offering a high performance, high quality portable cooling product that could not only replace your existing cooler bag but offer you even more freedom and flexibility where cooler bags couldn't. Fridge-to-go is very affordable and priced only slightly more than a traditional cooler bag. On the other hand, Fridge-to-go is least expensive refrigerator you'll even own.

9. Where can I buy Fridge-to-go?
Fridge-to-go is available right now world wide. Just go the Where To Buy section on this website to locate one of our many offices near you or contact us directly and we can help you to easily buy one.








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