Choosing a pediatrician

A pediatrician is required to be present at birth to check on the health status of your baby. He or she will most probably be the one you will visit for your baby’s first wellness checkup. You will have to decide whether to use him or her for further consultation or look for a new one.

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When to start looking around for your pediatrician

Very often in Singapore, most parent-to-be choose a pediatrician recommended by their gynecologist. Sometimes, this can end up with a pediatrician whom they are not comfortable with. The best advice I can give is to: Start looking for a pediatrician early.

You can ask family members, friends and co-workers and your own gynecologist for recommendations. Double check to make sure you get the right advice.

For parents, especially first timers, who do not want to take any chances, it is better to book your recommended pediatrician before your delivery.

The following are some questions you might want to ask the pediatrician before you continue to use him or her for your baby.

What questions to ask

It is important to have a doctor whom you are comfortable with.

General Questions:

  1. What are his or her office hours?
  2. If you called for a routine visit right now, how soon can you see the doctor?
  3. What happens if you have an emergency outside office hours? Can the doctor be contacted immediately?
  4. Will my baby see the same doctor each time you have an appointment, or will other doctors in the practice see your baby?
  5. If your baby needs hospitalisation, which hospital will he or she be admitted to?
  6. Did you find the staff friendly and helpful?
  7. Was the waiting room and office clean and child-friendly?
  8. How convenient is the doctor’s location? Is parking or public transport available?
  9. How are the charges like? Compare notes with other parents. Click here for possible clues: BayB Forum

Questions on philosophy:
Ask the following questions to see whether the doctor’s philosophy agrees with yours.

  1. What are your views on breastfeeding? I find that a pro-breastfeeding doctor is very important in deciding how long you will breastfeed your baby.See article on: How to know whether is your peadiatrician is pro-breastfeeding.
  2. When would you recommend the baby to start on solid foods? (This actually a big topic on its own and I will discuss this in a different article.)
  3. What are your views on Circumcision for boys?
  4. What are your views on the prescriptions of antibiotics? (The Problem of Drug Resistance)

Where to get the pediatrician

Click here for the list of pediatricians in Mt Elizabeth, Gleneagles, Eastshore, Kandang Kerbau Hopsital and other pediatrician located in the neighborhood centers.

See article on: How to know whether is your pediatrician is pro-breastfeeding.

Contributed by Jenny Wee

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