About the Cotton We Use

Our cotton incorporates environmentally concious methods from start to finish to reduce pollution as much as possible while still producing one of the highest quality cottons available today. Carefully picked and harvested, purification and monitoring systems insure a cleaner cotton. The end result is a healthier planet for us all and a soft fabric which gives our products a lasting durability and beauty for a comfortable and fashionable nursing experience.

Our products are 92% Cotton and 8% Elastane.

Stylish, practical and machine washable.

• Adjustable, spaghetti-style shoulder straps
• Stylish clasps sit flush to the fabric for a non-bulky look
• Designed to be worn underneath or on its own
• Available in sizes S–XL


• Added length
• An option for the longer torso or to pair with low-rise pants

• Added room and length for the belly
• Ideal for use during pregnancy or during the immediate post-partum period


• Adjustable, wider, elastic bra straps for even more support
• Nursing bra hook closures can be opened easily with one hand
• Designed primarily to be worn underneath
• Lace trim available
• Available in sizes S–XXL


• Added stylish lace at the bottom
• Looks sexy for layering and provides length for coverage

• Added length
• A fashionable layering option

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Q. What is the difference between your Nursing Bra Tank and Nursing Bra Top?

A. Both tops offer a built-in, soft-cup frame and elastic shelf for total breast support and complete post-partum stomach coverage. The differences lie in the straps and the clasps.

In the Nursing Bra Tank, the sexy, spaghetti-style straps are made of the same fabric as the tank. No one but you will know that there is a built-in nursing bra underneath, so you can wear the tank "as is" without any layering. The clasps sit flush to the fabric to "blend in" with the straps as well.

Our Nursing Bra Top is designed to be worn underneath and is a more bra-like version of the tank to provide even more breast support. We made the bra straps wider and used a smooth elastic instead of the same fabric as the tank. These straps can be adjusted easily on-the-fly and have traditional bra hook closures that are easy to open with one hand.

Q. How do I determine my size?



Q. Do you offer anything for a "dress-up" occasion?

A. Our lovely, A-line Glamourmom® Built-In Nursing Bra™ Dresses are perfect for any occasion and come in two lengths—mid-thigh and knee-length. The mid-thigh length is available in black and the knee-length dress is available in black or luscious ruby red. In addition, we offer a flattering tankini swimsuit, available in charcoal or black, so you can enjoy the surf and sand in style. Plus, for "Glamourmoms on the go" we have a fun yellow Glamourmom® bag with two deep water bottle pockets for thirsty nursing moms.

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"I have found the greatest nursing bras on the planet!

Before this, I went shopping around EVERYWHERE and could not find what I wanted. Either the bras were so chic that they didn't really serve a purpose, so granola that I felt like I needed to become a vegan or so frumpy that I just couldn't. I had purchased and returned 6 bras. What a nightmare when time is so limited.

"Anyhow, I found this website called and my prayers have been answered. These sassy little bras come with a tank top that remains in place (you know to cover the little "crepe" left on the tummy after having a kid) and easy flaps that come down. They are soft, comfortable cotton and they wash well and hold their shape. The clasps truly are a one-handed operation (many claim to be but are not) and they are comfortable. Go to the website and check it out!"

— Michelle H., Washington

"I simply LOVE your tanks! I wear one every day and sleep in one all night too so basically I live in them! They are very easy, comfortable and provide some modesty when out and I have to nurse my baby. I was in Babies R Us and the "mother's room" was pretty full so I sat down in the store and nursed my baby. No one could see anything so I didn't feel embarrassed.:) I will definitely promote your product."

— Deborah B., New York

"Your customer service is phenomenal! I am very impressed, not only with the quality of your products (which are awesome), but also the attentiveness of your staff. I will be recommending you to every nursing mom I meet. Thank you for standing behind your products 110%!!!"

— Christine,

"Just wanted to let you know I recently ordered two nursing tank tops and they are just great. I've been looking for something like this even prior to having children! I couldn't understand why no one made a tank top with built in support so I wouldn't have to worry about my bra straps peeking through. And when I began to wear nursing bras, I really didn't want to show those ugly straps off, so I was happy and relieved to find this product and I'm thrilled that it's as good (better, even) than I had hoped. The material is super soft and comfy and the support of the built in bra is just great. I wear them ALL the time -even to bed. I bought one with the "Glamourmom" logo on it and now that's what my husband calls me, which is just an added bonus.

"I'll certainly be recommending your product to all my mom friends."

— Kristen B., Vermont

"I LOVE your tanks. They are the best thing that ever happened to breastfeeding women. I wear them to bed and during the day; I now have 5 of them!


— Pamela P., New York

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