Resources on Educating your baby

The following are weblinks and books I would recommend on educating your baby.

Please email me if you have other links and books you would like me to add on

Your Baby Can Read Vcd
To stimulate your baby to read earlier.
Available in our online store.

Web resources
General learning resources




Making flashcards

Glenn Doman Program

Enrichment classes

Music classes

Brain stimulation

Physical excellence

  • Gymboree
  • Kindergolf--

Social and language skills


Star phonics -- contact Florence Tan at or call 91283264
Click here to read more about Star phonics program






  • How to teach Your Baby to Read, Glenn Doman
  • How to Teach Your Baby Math, Glenn Doman
  • Other Glenn Doman Books.
  • Sign With Your Baby: How to Communicate With Infants Before They Can Speak by W. Joseph Garcia, Joseph Garcia (This book teaches hearing parents how to use simple sign language gestures to communicate with their hearing infants before their infants can speak.)
  • Baby Play (Gymboree) by Wendy S., Dr. Masi (Editor), et al (teaches parents to engage their infant in activities that will encourage developmental skills. Great for first time parents)

Compiled by Florence & Patrick


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