Boppy Pillow
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  It’s hard imagining any single pillow being more useful than the simple and simply wonderful Boppy. It fits neatly around Mom’s waist and holds baby in a perfect position for nursing without straining Mom’s already tired arms. After feeding, the Boppy is a great way to keep baby propped up so extra gas bubbles can work their way out. Baby can also rest on the pillow, lay across it on their tummy for a change of pace, or use it as an aid in learning to sit.

The original Boppy is a seven-time winner of the American Baby “Best of the Year Award” including Winner of a Child Magazine readers’ award for best nursing pillow as well as an American Baby Best of the Year award and a National Parenting Publications Awards Gold Medal.

100% cotton, machine washable, from USA

Highly versatile:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Allow mommies to sit on to relieve post-partum pain
  • Good for propping babies when they are learning to sit
  • Propping babies up especially when having nose congestion
  • Great for lounging around
  • Great for muscle and physical development of babies
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