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What is Birth Plan

It is your preference for your birth experience. Yes, you can actually state your preferences for every aspect of your birth experience.

A birth plan should not be an order to command your gynaecologist as to what he should do for you, rather it should be viewed as a communication tool to help your gynaecologist understand your preference for your delivery.

Your birth plan should also not override medically necessary procedures during complicated delivery.

When should you discuss the birth plan with your gynaecologist?

I would say sometime during the middle of your third trimester. This is the best time, as you will have a more accurate picture of the prognosis of your delivery. The gynaecologist will also be able to provide more constructive advice for your birth plan.

The following is a sample of my birth plan. I had the opportunity to discuss these needs with my gyneacologist during my last trimester so that both of us had a good understanding of what I wanted. But it did not work out as planned because I went into premature labour unexpectedly.

  • Natural birth preferred with no episiotomies but if Caesarian it will be via epidural - able to breastfeed as soon as possible.
  • Husband to be around to cut umbilical cord.
  • Prefer an anesthetic with no effects on breastfeeding.
  • Pain killers and antibiotics with no side effects on baby
  • Allow baby to suckle, breastfeed immediately after delivery or within one hour after delivery.
  • Get lactation specialist to help during the initial suckling.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding sign on baby's trolley.

My sample is a very simple one. You might want to visit the following links for more clues and example of a birth plan and how to create one based on your needs:

Contributed by Jenny Wee, mother of James

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