Baby Xavier is Here!

The new addition to the Chan Family

Date and Time of Birth: 5th June 2004 at 6.43am
Weight at birth: 3.76kg
Length at birth: 52cm

Head circumference:36cm
Location of birth: Mt Alvernia Hospital

from proud parents: Lilian and Jeremy


Dear relatives and friends,

Our boy has finally arrived!

Thanks for all the well-wishes esp to Lilian's family who travelled all the way from Japan and the gift and hampers from all of you.

We will be holding Xavier's first month celebration on the 5 July at 7.30pm at our place. Please give us a call for RSVP.

Our birth story? Quite a traumatic one.

I was watching TV and Lilian was ironing her clothes when suddenly she shouted, " Oops! my water bag just burst." I was shocked at the amount of water on the floor. So we grabbed our hospital bag and rushed to the hospital. Thank Jesus that I have mapped out the fastest route to the hospital (part of our preparation for Xavier's arrival) and I got there within 20 mins. Lilian when thru 12 hours of labour pain. Lilian didn't want epidural coz she believes that natural is the best. I am proud to say that I remembered everything I learnt at the antenatal classes and put it to practice. But after a traumatic 12 hours, the gynae finally said she has to go thru c-section as the baby is too big. We were told that the baby is only 3.15kg during ultrasound! Sigh...after all the pain still have to go thru C-section. Anyways things didn't turn out that bad coz Xavier is healthy and Lilian is recovering pretty fast from her c-section. Xavier was able to sucke very well in spite of all the anaesthetic.

Once again, thank you for all the well-wishes. Thank you BayB Supplies for hosting this for us.

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