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Help you survive Motherhood (breastfeeding, parenting, childcare) without Tears!

Other than our quality online products (Amby Baby Motion Bed, unique baby sling carrier, baby bandana, glass milk bottles, baby cd) which are endorsed by world-renowned pediatrician Dr William Sears and experience mommies, our website also provides additional features to help you survive your motherhood without tears. provides Survival Tips for mothers-to-be, nursing mothers, new parents and for the whole family. The articles are written in the local (Singapore) perspective covering all the essential aspects of practical shopping list, what to bring to the hospital, the right start to breastfeeding, myth about breastfeeding, how to choose a good pediatrician. All the articles are contributed by real parents who will share their tried and tested methods as well as experience.

Our site also provide an online parenting forum for parents, parents-to-be and even couple who are trying to conceive to share and exchange tips. On our forum we also have a bazaar corner where you can sell things you no longer need or buy baby stuff at reasonable prices. We also have an expert corner where you can ask our experts from different field on different aspect on pregnancy, parenting to stimulating your babies’ brain. Our happenings in town thread will keep you updated on the latest baby events, sale or contest in town. Our Stay at home mom (SAHM) thread allows mommies to post their products for sale on our forum for FREE.

Our Baby showcase page also allows you to display your baby’s photo for free. Share the good news with your friends and relatives with our Baby Announcement service.


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